• Bar with  staff in action
  • Interior, seating
  • Exterior, wall neon light decoration


Mexican Cuisine

About us

Located in the energetic, historic street of Downtown Santa Ana on the corner of W Fourth St & N Birch St, Perla is a new authentic, family-owned restaurant.

Perla is truly an authentic representation of the culinary diversity of Mexico. The main focus is to introduce the traditional Mexican flavors enhanced with a personal touch of long family recipes and traditions.

Laura Fabiola Diaz & Ana Laura Padilla
Founders & Co-Owners

Perla Mexican Cuisine is a women-owned business. Under the leadership of a mother-daughter duo, the restaurant offers family recipes that bring the most authentic flavors of Mexican dishes that represent various regions of the country. They have created the menu hoping to transport customers to magic corners of Mexico while maintaining a homemade charm to every dish.